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October 19, 2011

Please find below a series of five posts that cover the first five months of My OpenLeaf Journey, followed by my on-going weekly posts!

To read from the beginning  start with ‘Part 1’.  Alternatively you can choose to dip in at any point.  Enjoy!

INTRODUCTION (Comprises of 5 posts)

Part 1: An Article that Caught my Eye

Part 2: When the book ‘Get the Life you Want’ arrived

Part 3: The ‘Get the Life you Want’ review

Part 4: My Life is now taking off

Part 5: And I still feel that this is only the beginning


Week 1

Watch out for those limiting beliefs

A response from Noel Walker…

Week 2

Exciting writing success!

Noel Walker’s response to ‘Exciting Writing Success’

My Exciting Meeting

Week 3

Reasons to stick to the plan

Think laterally and the solution will appear

Week 4

A very insightful week

Week 5

A few big steps towards my goal…

Week 6

And life keeps getting better

Week 7

I need to make some changes…

Week 8

Trusting the process of life…

Week 10

Happy New Year

Week 11

Remember that you will never miss out

Week 12

Successfully Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

Week 13

Rest and Relaxation Required!

Week 14

Tangible Results

Week 15

Discovering my Purpose and Passion in Life

Week 16

Experiencing Joy

Week 17

Looking upon pain as a learning opportunity

Week 18

Review your habits…

Week 19

Life and Cheesecake

Week 20

A beautiful day…

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