Sunny September

September 23, 2012


A brisk walk in the September sunshine

Walking in the sunshine

How different the world appears when the sun is out.  One morning (a week or so ago) I woke up at 5.30am after eight hours restful sleep, feeling like I’d arrived in a new place; it was like I’d finally worked out how life works (and it’s a lot easier to navigate than I thought).  I did think about going back to sleep for half an hour but my instinct was telling me to get up and start the day.  During the morning rush my attitude was different, my mood was calm, and time seemed to go at the pace that it should when you have a lot to fit in. I felt so relaxed and in control.

“Once the penny drops, you too will suddenly look out over your world with awe…”

Noel Walker, Get The Life You Want (Pocket Guide)

So, what was different?

I have now reduced my working hours at work and the day prior to this particular morning, I’d had a whole day to myself where I walked the girls to school, went for a brisk walk, did some writing,  relaxed and then spent quality time with the girls after school. I have to pinch myself sometimes as ‘reducing my hours’ is something that I have dreamed of since my daughters were babies – and that too, is NOW happening.  Looking back… I’m amazed at how easily (and quickly) things fell into place! 

If you remember from my last post, I was trying to work out what I wanted out of my life/job etc., and there have been some very interesting developments. 

  • Work: I’m enjoying my job, and the reduced hours means that I now have more time to myself, more time with the children, more time to get organised, and more time to write, edit, blog etc.
  • My book (Juggling Life, Kids and You) is almost ready to be published and is currently with a professional critique. 
  • OpenLeaf: I’ve been helping to develop some of the OpenLeaf products allowing me to reinforce and absorb the philosophy they stand by.  Living by these philosophies is having a significant impact across all areas of my life, for example, I feel so happy, relaxed and positive.  Things that I have wanted for ages are starting to happen without much effort on my part, just because I’m: relaxing and going with things; increasing my understanding; thinking about what I want; and listening more to what others are saying.

I don’t need a magic wand!

Yes, there still are things that I would love to wave a magic wand at, but I’m not in any rush.  I now know that if I continue to utilise the tips and techniques that Noel has suggested, to list a few here:

  • Following my passion.
  • Doing more of what I want and less of what I don’t.
  • Relaxing and going with things rather than reacting.
  • Increasing my understanding rather than putting up with the norm.
  • Treating others how I would like to be treated.

…means the things I am waiting for will all fall into place.  The funny thing is once you understand the reasoning  of the above techniques and understand how all connects, it will become easier to do so and very quickly become second nature.  Not only that, but the effects of implementing them into your life are simply amazing – read through my previous posts and see for yourself just how things have changed for me.

As Noel Walker says: “deep down we all know that if we want to be truly happy then it must be reflected in ALL areas of our lives.”

My true path

Things have happened so fast and everything is going in the right direction – but then why wouldn’t it, as I’m aiming in the right place?  This path that I’m following is my true path and whenever I feel myself going off track (and believe me, I can work this out by just checking how I feel) it’s becoming much easier to get back on it.

Life’s so exciting.  I’ll keep you posted on developments over the coming weeks.

Until next time…

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