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August 12, 2012


Writing down thoughts in a cafe...

Writing in a Cafe


Trying to sum up what’s been going on in the last few months is challenging in itself.  So, to inspire me, I bought cheesecake at my favourite cafe a couple of weeks ago and part way through eating it, I began writing.   In general, I feel happier, more positive, more organised and in control in most areas of my life.  A few areas I’ve been focusing on are below. 

My Writing Challenge
April 30th 2012 saw the final post of My Writing Challenge.  The year-long exercise of blogging daily taught me that there is more than one way to achieve the same goal (which in this case was to learn new writing skills and blog about them to teach and inspire others).  Blogging is fun and definitely my sort of thing, but the pressure of committing to it daily without fail didn’t fit into my ideal lifestyle.

In the early days of my daily blogging, Noel Walker (founder of OpenLeaf and author of Get the Life you Want) questioned my approach and I now get what he meant.  I remember telling him how much discipline I have, committing myself to a daily blog.  His question was that if there was as situation where I had the opportunity to go out and do something fun with friends/family or stay in to complete my blog, would I stay in because I had committed myself to doing it daily?

The day I wrote the 366th blog post, I felt exhausted but also very excited about the lesson I had learnt (the hard way!).  From that moment onwards, I decided that I would only blog when I felt like it.  Nothing would be forced or tiring. I do want to continue to feel the passion as I write to inspire others, but I also want to recharge my batteries regularly and catch those magic moments with my family.

My book
I’ve changed the title of the self-help book that I have written.  It was called ‘A Gift for Stressed & Busy Parents’ but after much thought I’ve changed it to ‘Juggling Life, Kids & You’ which I think is more catchy, and friends and family seem to like it better.   I’ve also re-read and edited the whole manuscript as well as changed certain sections to reflect my thoughts over the last year.  I’m extremely excited about the content and can’t wait to get it ‘out there’ helping others.  To pre-order a copy please visit

The clutter
Clearing the clutter and cobwebs from around the home has taught me a lot about my habits and ways.  Getting a company in to do a Spring clean was one of the best decisions I ever made.  It got me into ‘clutter clearing’ mode the weekend before they arrived and once they’d completed the job, I just sat down in amazement feeling such happiness.  The house felt lighter and I felt calmer and able to think straighter.  I’ve now booked a regular fortnightly ‘general clean and tidy up’ which I know is going to give me more time for the family and allow me to move forward with my writing.

Here are three important points on clutter that I picked up from Noel Walker’s book Get the Life you Want:

  1. Your external world is a reflection of your inner one.
  2. The ultimate personal space should be one that is clutter free.
  3. Clutter would not arise if you are living a healthy and vibrant life.

Routines and family
As mentioned in my previous post (An Incredible 4 Months…), things have recently improved for us in many areas.  As Noel Walker says ‘all areas are connected’ and I agree that one change can impact many other areas of your life.  Having said that, changes can come with a new routine (which I admit felt a little stressful at first) but what I have learnt is that you have to give yourself time for the dust to settle. 

I can now focus more on what I want and at first that felt a bit scary.  Now I realise that, again, all I have to do is allow myself time to work things out and reflect on my doing sentence, bearing in mind that this should be at the core of everything I do.    

‘My doing sentence’ v ‘what I want’
As well as thinking about what I want, I’ve also been revisiting my ‘doing’ sentence and thinking a lot about what it is that I love to do.  This seems to be the core of every new situation and challenge that I come across and when faced with new decisions. 

” To be able to move more in the right direction, you must focus on wanting the right things.”  
Get the Life you Want
, Noel Walker.

I know I need to move forward in the right direction – but more about that in the next post.

Until next time…

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