An Incredible 4 Months…

August 10, 2012
Relax and Enjoy Life

Relax and Enjoy Life

I know it’s been four months but so much has happened.  Getting my head around things and allowing for events to sink in has been overwhelming and actually, all rather surreal.  I’ll summarise everything in my next post, but right now I want to focus on one particular point: how I felt when my partner secured a new role a couple of months ago. 

The change impacted so many different areas (in a good way) including being able to focus on what I wanted and also getting used to a new routine.  I was surprised with how it impacted me initially. 

The thought of a new routine & changes

I felt a bit overwhelmed about everything, as all of a sudden things improved and it felt too much to handle (which didn’t make sense at the time). After writing some notes on the train about how I was feeling and trying to focus on what I wanted, I worked out that I just needed time.  A friend at work said the right thing at the right time: “enjoy the moment”.  I approached my mentor Noel  Walker (founder of OpenLeaf and author of Get the Life you Want) and asked for his thoughts on the following: “Does wanting to push back and enjoy the moment on your own before telling everyone, sound normal?”  His response was as follows:

“Yes it does make sense but it will soon subside as everything settles down – basically it is a result of a number of emotions.  Part of you feels incredibly relieved and another part feels you are now able to consider your options i.e. the possibility of doing so is now beginning to become more realistic.  Also because of all the work you’ve being doing with yourself, you feel a greater sense of freedom coming.  Taking all this into consideration, it can make you feel as you do.  With regards to ‘working out what you want’, yes you can do this… but you could also relax – and as your friend said – just enjoy the moment (it was a very good suggestion).

You ask: ‘is the feeling of wanting to push back normal?’ What is normal? Yes I would do the same, as doing so enables you to balance things out within your own mind, meaning you can then enjoy it even more when you then tell others. So, just focus on the now, be true to yourself, relax and enjoy it.  After all, it’s the shape of things to come.  Also remember there is absolutely no reason why things aren’t going to continue going from strength to strength.

Relaxing instead of trying to work things out will actually get you to where you want to be, faster than you trying to work it out.”

It all made sense and the mixed emotions subsided pretty quickly and I soon felt much better about things (including feeling less tired than I had previously).  Just relaxing instead of trying to work out what I wanted to do was a very good suggestion (although not obvious to most).  I know that things are moving in the right direction, I just sometimes can’t believe that it has all happened.
I booked an Indian Head massage for the following Monday (which was divine) and talked to a cleaner about doing a fortnightly clean (which is working out brilliantly).  Noel made a very good point which was: “this will also help in reducing your commitment to doing things you would prefer not to do, but nevertheless there is a responsibility for that task to be done”.

How this links to my limiting beliefs

If what I see in others is a reflection of the limiting beliefs I’m holding, this means that they must be very different to the beliefs I once held, or the value I once gave them.

My partner’s new job is physical evidence to me that things do carry on improving – and, as Noel Walker says, “they will continue to improve if I continue to create the opportunity for them to do so”.

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