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April 6, 2012

I went to my favourite cafe again last Friday and picked a small sunny table by the window.  It was warm enough to sit outside, but I chose to be inside because it inspired me to write more the other week (plus the Sicilian cheesecake is divine!).  I ate half, and then wrote the following…

I’ve just been reading the section on limiting beliefs in Noel Walker’s book Get the Life you Want (Pocket Guide).  There are so many opportunities that I’m sensing have passed me by in the past because of my lack of knowledge and understanding.  I didn’t see the opportunities for what they truly were because of the limiting beliefs I held. 

Limiting beliefs v Ill Health

Noel  Walker (also the founder of OpenLeaf) says “Ill health, along with any other experience where there is negativity, pain or suffering, is the result of limiting beliefs held”.

OpenLeaf not only believe that limiting beliefs and ill health are connected, but also that it goes much further.  They believe that “they are also responsible and play their part within all negative experiences or situations where one is not experiencing joy”.

The following is taken from Get the Life you Want (Pocket Guide) by Noel Walker (reproduced by kind permission):

Limiting Beliefs

       ©Get The Life You Want (pocket guide) by Noel Walker 2012

… and these are just some of the effects, more are detailed in the pocket guide; however, what is incredible is that  – we are the ones who create these limiting beliefs in the first place!

What I’m realising is that… if everyone knew how much their limiting beliefs were holding them back from experiencing joy and happiness, and they could do something about it, then surely they would… wouldn’t they? 

So, what does hold people back?

Probably exactly the same reasons I would have held back. I was just doing what I believed was right and those areas where I was not enjoying things were simply because I thought ‘that’s the way things are’.  In other words, I had very limited or no control over changing things, but as ever, something happened that did (see ‘An article that caught my eye’ – my first blog post).

The pocket guide…

Although there is so much more about this subject in the main Get the Life you Want book, the pocket guide gives an excellent overview.  Not only does it show you how everything fits together (along with explanations and diagrams like the one above), but it also shows how you can easily change things for yourself too.  So, for anyone who is not happy with their life, or certain aspects of it, I would strongly recommend getting yourself a copy! Details of how to do so follow this post.

Life is great

I have a sense of all round happiness at the moment (and it’s not just because I have a week off!).  Life has a greater vibrancy and I can see a clearer path ahead – it’s like the mist is clearing.  I also feel calm and relaxed a lot more often, and I’m truly enjoying and appreciating life so much more too – and that’s without even meaning to.  It’s such a lovely feeling.

Back to the cheesecake – the second half tasted even better than the first and thinking about it, variety is the spice of life, so next time… if the sun is out and the mood takes me, I’ll be trying the next item that catches my eye off the cake and patisserie menu…

Until next time…

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