Life and Cheesecake

March 21, 2012


Lemon cheesecake

Delicious lemon cheesecake

I was drawn to my favourite coffee shop last Friday lunchtime to have lemon cheesecake whilst watching the world go by.  Having eaten a few forkfuls, I left the rest until after I had spilled my thoughts onto paper; I felt it was the right time to record some important lessons I had learnt in the week.  Following the guidance from my mentor Noel  Walker, founder of OpenLeaf and author of Get the Life you Want (GTLYW), here are 6 tips I picked up:

  1. How limiting beliefs can run so deep.  Tip: Remember that if you don’t completely overcome a limiting belief in one situation, it will keep popping up and holding you back until you do!  Questioning why you feel the need to react to certain situations the way you do, will afford you the opportunity of discovering those limited beliefs.  Don’t be afraid to say what you truly want to say – as this is one of the fastest ways of freeing yourself of them.
  2. Considering that the true you is different from your public face.  Being a natural people pleaser, discovering that I was just playing to my public face most of the time was a bit of an eye-opener for me.  Tip: In everything you do, check that it’s something you are doing for yourself.  Be true to you, and don’t just put on a front.  Never feel that you need to prove something to others in order to demonstrate how great you are.
  3. Moving away from (or at least being aware of) roles that are a chore.  If everything you do feels like a chore – you will feel drained.  Tip: Make a note of the things that you don’t like doing and consider if there is someone more suited to doing them, and delegate where appropriate.  If you keep doing these things yourself, you could also be depriving others from doing what they love (not only would they do a much better job, what’s more, they’d enjoy doing it – imagine that!).
  4. Not reacting, taking things personally and getting drawn into situations.  Tip: Lack of confidence coupled with being too sensitive can cause you to get drawn into things.  As soon as someone says something you don’t like, don’t take it to heart, it’s not a personal attack, it’s just their opinion, their view as to how they see you, or on what you are doing; know the real you is perfect.   So, think objectively and learn from the experience; in other words, what is this person’s observation highlighting to you (or about you) that you need to change?  If you need a bit of practise, play scenarios out in your head that previously haven’t gone so well, and with the above in mind and being true to yourself, consider how you would now respond in order to facilitate a more light-hearted outcome.
  5. How important listening is.  Tip: Don’t be in a rush; listen to what’s being said and learn from it – as Noel joked, there is a reason why we have two ears but only one mouth!  Be true to yourself and be clear in how you respond. Don’t be ambiguous – just open and honest.  Say what you mean – if that’s too much of a leap at the moment, choose to say nothing and so save yourself from compounding the situation (and in the interim get yourself a copy of the Get The Life You Want pocket guide and discover how).
  6. Imagining a world where everyone adopts the right attitudes.  If everyone reads ‘Get the Life you Want’ and adopts the right attitude towards life, wouldn’t the world be a better place?

Now back to the cheesecake.  I ate it slowly because not only was it a small slice, but I wanted to enjoy the taste of the lemon as it hit the roof of my mouth.  With its biscuit base and its flaked almond topping, with a light dust of icing sugar, I savoured every mouthful.  The last few forkfuls were divine.  I wanted to remember the taste of that last piece all afternoon.

Hope you are enjoying your week…

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