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March 5, 2012
It's important to take time out...

Taking some time out

It’s been a challenging and insightful week, but also very exhausting.  I’ve had a few days off to recharge my batteries and think about how I can move things forward.  This is helping my back and neck feel better, but I’ve also learnt that the reason I am experiencing what I am is because I still have a number of issues to address, and they’re ones I believed I had, but on reflection (because some of my habits are so habitual) it looks as if I may have actually only touched upon them.  (And I thought I was doing so well with the incredible progress I’ve been making!)  Now I have realised that those habits are the barriers that are preventing me from moving forward, so last week I’ve been working on eliminating them. 

Putting up with things

Sometimes we put up with things because it’s easier that way – it’s what we know; however, like any negative situations we experience, the pain of it should be telling us to change, but so often we don’t.  Why is that?  This could be in any area: health, jobs, relationship, finances and so on.  If something is painful, that should be reason enough to change, don’t you think?

I’m now learning that you need to break the pattern however hard it may seem, although I do appreciate that it is very difficult to do if you cannot see or connect what you do, with the experiences you have.  This can be further compounded when you either don’t understand how all is connected, or know the real benefits of doing so. 

Through many email exchanges with Noel  Walker (founder of OpenLeaf and author of Get the Life you Want)  I have learnt so much about myself this week.   I now know that the real/true me would never let things get to me, never allow me to be stubborn and never make me react.  Instead I would just go with the flow, learn from these situations and move quickly – and as a result of doing so, get the life I want.

Because of our focus, security is in what we know

If learning the easy way is the way to go, why do we so often do so the hard way?  I put the question to Noel Walker who said that “habits are very easily broken when the right connections click or the right reasons dawn on you”.  My biggest finding is that I have chosen not to confront certain issues because I feel secure with what I know (even though things don’t feel quite right). 

Breaking habits, including your current way of thinking, can only happen easily if you know things can change, and secondly, that you are willing to change.  By increasing your understanding, going with it and visualising the benefits of doing so, rapid progress can then be made.

Consider any pain you are feeling and do something today.  Don’t suffer, but learn from it instead.  Once I realised that I was actually learning the hard way in a number of areas, it became easier.  Don’t make life more difficult for yourself.

Are you ready to hear the messages?

It’s also funny how the messages don’t go in until you are ready to hear them.  I have read the pocket guide so many times but missed (or just forgot) some of the crucial messages such as:

  • Be true to yourself.
  • If you don’t like something, a situation or an experience – you are the one that needs to change.
  • The only moment you are ever going to consciously experience is now – it is what you do from now on that is important.

Take note and absorb the messages you read.  Stop, have a think about them, practise them, and only then move onto the next concept/message.  I moved 100 miles an hour thinking that I had to learn everything at once, and in doing so, missed the point so many times. 

The OpenLeaf team is there to help you get the life you want and in the shortest possible time. Don’t keep learning the hard way like I did.

Due to the way things are with the economy at the moment, you may not think that things can be so radically changed (and with ease) because it would cost too much; however, the pocket guide is a small price to pay at £7.99.  It truly is a unique gift.

Until next week…


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