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February 19, 2012
Choose happiness

Follow your dreams...

For those of you that read My Writing Notebook blog will already be aware of this – I had a lovely surprise from my family this week on Valentine’s Day.  After being told not to arrive home until 7pm (which left me walking around outside for 25 minutes catching up on phone calls) I was ushered upstairs and asked to get ready.  The girls had laid a dress out on the bed and soon after I was collected by my partner (all smart in his suit) and brought down to the dining room.  My girls were sitting there beaming and also dressed up, and the table looked all fancy with candles and typed out menus.

Four courses later (which included all my favourite foods) we all collapsed on the settee to watch a film.  I couldn’t have wished for a better evening, or could I….

Get the Life you Want GTLYW by Noel  Walker (founder of OpenLeaf) says that…

“…anytime where you experience anything other than joy, it indicates two things:

  1. You need to increase your knowledge as to the way things are by understanding how everything fits together.
  2. You are currently holding limiting beliefs.  Cutting these out as well as centring yourself allows you to create the right mindset and framework to operate out of.”

With the affirmations I am doing at the moment, coupled with visualisation exercises and ‘cutting the ties’, is all helping me to keep my focus of attention balanced.  Even thought I haven’t received any specific advice from Noel  Walker this week, I have the previous messages from his emails, as well as the pocket guide as reference.  I’m also trying to focus and choose what I love to do whenever possible, and also build it into every day.

Life has been great this week and an extract from my diary last Monday said:

“I feel so happy I could burst…I’m getting loads of sleep, I feel in control of my life, I’m so excited about the OpenLeaf opportunities.  I’m not worried or stressed about anything and I know my purpose in life…”.

Thinking about it, that was the day before the Valentine’s surprise.

My doing statement

I also realised this weekend that my ‘doing statement’ that I created last week, needs to be altered slightly – more about that next week when I have worked on the words more.

Until next week…

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