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January 15, 2012

I keep telling myself that I’ve missed out on this and that because of decisions that I’ve made along the way but now I’m beginning to understand the concepts from Get the Life you Want (GTLYW) by Noel  Walker more fully, I know I haven’t, and to experience this simply reflects limiting beliefs held.  In Chapter 9 he talks about Making the Right Decisions and writes:

“Firstly, when making a decision, do so with the following in mind: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Secondly, be true to yourself, even if you think it means you may miss out.  You won’t.”

Just knowing that I WON’T miss out is comforting.  Noel Walker says that thinking that you will miss out is about as far from the truth as you could possibly get and is “generated as a result of your current level of understanding as to the way things are”. These concepts have helped me feel more relaxed about not only my current situation (of not being there so much with the children whilst they are young due to being a full-time working mum) but also in making future decisions.

So yes, every decision leads me somewhere but knowing more of what I want, and how to make more of the right ones, is also what’s making life more fun. It’s so important to live in the now; to take everything in around us, and live every moment.  Even decisions when looking back, you know you wouldn’t make again, still have a silver lining, you can learn and gain from them.

Something good can always come out of any situation, for example, a chance meeting when you’ve gone somewhere you didn’t want to go or as a result, it finally dawns on you i.e. the penny drops and so you change your ways. However, discovering and understanding how to make more of the right decision is what will get you to where you want to be in the shortest possible time; doors will open for me – and they will for you too, just you wait and see.

“Just accept that there is only now.
The past has gone,
the future is yet to come,
the only moment we can ever truly
experience and live in, is now.”

Get the Life you Want by Noel Walker (Chapter 14: Our True Marker of Progress) 

Increasingly, I see glimpses of how my dreams could now come about (and in fact are coming about) which is all very exciting, but then I try to speed things up and as a result progress slows and frustration builds! Thankfully, I now know that I am never going to miss out – which is a huge milestone in itself; I just need to keep focusing on the life I want, relax more and stop myself from trying to push things… patience!

For all those who are not living the life they want, irrespective of what you would like to change, and are wondering, should I or shouldn’t I – do so. Get yourself a copy of the pocket guide and see for yourself. It will be your first step along a very exciting path too, and a great way to start the New Year.

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