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December 18, 2011

I watched a feel-good film called A Cinderella Story this afternoon and although it’s a more modern version, the concepts are the same and it still has a happy ending.  It made me think about my life and how the things I want, do seem to come about with more ease and frequency, the more I do the things I enjoy and trust in the process of life. 

If you read last week’s post (I need to make some changes…) you will know that I was wrestling with the decision about my working hours.  From next year I am definitely going to go back to a five day working week instead of trying to fit those hours into four.  On the one hand it’s made me feel happier as I can’t wait to start coming home earlier, but in other ways I feel quite  sad inside….BUT….fortunately this feeling doesn’t tend to stay with me for long thesedays. 

I’ve learnt to snap out of things much quicker when I feel like this now and think of the positive side and why I am doing it instead.  Noel  Walker (founder of OpenLeaf) and author of Get the Life you Want (GTLYW) always tells me to focus on what I want for a few minutes….and then let it go; to trust myself and in the process of life, because doing so is what enables a more perfect solution to come about.

The build up to Christmas

The whole build up is interesting this year as I am looking at things very differently, for example, going to parties/drinks that I feel like going to and not going when I don’t.  It’s all starting to make sense now and I’ve realised that using my gut feel when making decisions is the best way.  Plus I’ve learnt that if I arrive at my decision the right way there is no such thing as a wrong decision.

We also encouraged our girls to see Father Christmas this morning; you might wonder why we had to encourage them, but it’s all to do with them being frightened about something they knew nothing about (scary man sitting in a dark room and all that!).  I would usually have let another year go by in the hope that next year they would be more excited, but something made me question that this year. They were still apprehensive as we all greeted the reindeers outside the grotto, but they trusted our judgement and we all went in together (there was a little bribery of sweets involved, but that wasn’t going to be until afterwards). 

To cut a long story short, they absolutely loved it and the smiles on their faces and the comments afterwards like ‘how did he know…?’ left us smiling too.  We got some great pictures (yes, they actually stood next to him – much better than the trantrums of previous years!) and the memories of today are priceless for all of us.  It was a fantastic morning and also brought back memories of my childhood.

As Noel Walker explains, when we are faced with something we know nothing about, our limited understanding of it can make us see things differently (and this applies to children too).   I am confident that more situations like this will happen; opportunities will present themselves to me at work and on the writing front with an ever increasing frequency the more I open my eyes to them (just like the way my OpenLeaf Journey began). 

How many things have passed you by… all because you were not in the right frame of mind or because you drew the wrong conclusion?  Here is a great quote from Get the Life you Want:

“Remember the opportunity to increase your understanding and consequently your awareness is always there, in every moment of your life”.  Noel Walker, Get the Life you Want

Not worried about feeling unorganised

Another thing I’ve been more relaxed about this week is the mess around the house which as you know can be heightened with Christmas activities and additional items left lying around.  I would never normally have allowed anyone to come round without frantically tidying up all hours the night before – meaning less sleep and a headache the next day.  This week, I just did the basics – bathrooms, quick tidy up of the guest bedroom and left the rest.  I decided the day before that I would change how I felt about the mess and that it would be okay for someone to see it without me freaking out and worrying about what people think.  

I felt pleased with myself when my mother-in-law turned up and I didn’t feel embarrased about the mess.  For once I was okay about it and she was really sweet with her offer to help me.  I’m usually too proud to ask or even accept offers of help, but the chores ended up being done in half the time and it didn’t involve me having a stressful weekend.  What’s more, it was nice to do something with my mother-in-law and I think she was glad to be able to help too.   

This is going to be a busy week with work and as we lead up to Christmas, so if I don’t post again before Christmas have a wonderful time and please tune in again for updates in the New year.

Until next time…

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