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November 27, 2011

If you read last week’s post ‘A very insightful week’, you will know that I was considering making some changes to my week.  Here are a few that I tried:

  • I did seven loads of washing last weekend so that I didn’t need to do any during my working days.
  • I started the week with all clothes put away in wardrobes and drawers.
  • I got a lot more things ready each evening before work leaving me less to do in the morning rush (I actually didn’t have to run for the bus at all last week!).
  • I have limited the time spent on the computer in the evening leaving me more time with the family and also to wind down before bed.
  • I am now going to bed earlier and roughly the same time every day (still need to work on increasing how much sleep I get).
  • I now get up earlier each morning to write, check emails etc., and have realised that I’m so much more productive at 6am than 10pm.
  • I had breakfast each day before leaving the house rather than at work.
  • I listened to my meditation track each morning on the train.
  • I now do mini deep breathing exercises at various points throughout each day (just five at a time – but it really helps me to remain calm).

As I’ve been more in control this week, I have felt much happier.  It’s like something has finally clicked into place.  I have so much to look forward to and this is still only the beginning.

I still have stressful moments

I still feel like throwing everything in the air sometimes and the anger is still under the surface occasionally, but I now know that it is generated as a result of how I see and understand things.  By relaxing and stepping back, along with reading the emails from Noel  Walker (founder of OpenLeaf and author of Get the Life you Want) it allows things to settle and the answers to come.  It’s very comforting (although a little frustrating at times) to realise that the answers are so obvious once known.  What I do love about moving in the right direction, is that it actually makes life even more exciting.

Keeping my ultimate goal in mind

I just need to remember to keep my ultimate goal in mind, to relax and to persevere with my action plan.  As Noel Walker said to me this week:

“Always keep in mind what your over-riding objective is, and that is: to have a happy, healthy and fulfilling life, filled with joy, passion and purpose”

Noel advised me to also bear in mind that the resistance is coming from me – from the beliefs and expectations that I currently hold.   I must remember that these new areas/patterns will actually enable me to not only discover new areas of interest but also go on to enhance existing ones.  I know that there will be obstacles in my way, which I shouldn’t necessarily ignore, but I must remember not to fight them. 

You may be interested to read the following message that I posted on Twitter last Thursday:

“Life used to feel so stressful, it hurt – then I realised that I had created this life myself.  Take control of life & do something different.”

What I sometimes fail to realise is that I create my own life, my own routine and my own decisions; no one can put thoughts into my head and I always control what I think about.  I should also continue to question and seek more information about why I feel the need to do everything I do.

Some good news on the writing front

Thursday I had my second article published on the blogging platform Technorati.  Before I even knew that the site had chosen to publish it, people had retweeted it and shared it on Facebook (such a great feelingknowing that people actually like what I write).  Shortly after that I checked my Google AdSense account (which I’ve decided to use as a source of income, but up to then it hadn’t shown anything higher than zero).  I gasped out loud on the train with no one to share the news with – it said 47p!  It may not sound a lot, but the fact that it’s working is very good news for me.  This is just the start!

Stepping back

I do know the results are coming – I just sometimes forget how far I have come; however, I think I that it feels slower because I now want so much more.  So now, to bring the life I want closer still, I‘m going to close my eyes, turn my meditation tape on and imagine it (as I have done every day this week).

That’s all for this week.  Thank you for popping by and I hope you are having a great day too!

Until next time…

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