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November 8, 2011

If you remember in my initial conversation with Noel Walker (author of Get the Life you Want) back in May – just after an article caught my eye…, I expressed an interest in getting involved in the training side with OpenLeaf.  The way things have evolved since then is amazing…

A few months ago, Noel Walker introduced me to Shani Sparkes who is currently overseeing OpenLeaf’s Training & Development side.  Knowing that my life coach Helen Jeffery (Inner Rhythms) had a very solid HR and training background, as well as being a coach (she had taken time out to have a family, and her children were now that little bit older) she was once again looking.  So, I introduced her to OpenLeaf and the exciting news is that both Helen and I got to meet with Noel and Shani just over a week ago to discuss our involvement. 

Helen and I hadn’t met before either as she coaches me over the phone, and now we will soon be working together on the training side, developing the seminars etc.  Helen will then eventually take over from Shani enabling Shani to head up and concentrate on the Sales & Marketing side. 

It is going to be a lot of work for me and has to happen outside my main job (so will mainly be weekend work) but it’s still very exciting!

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Until then thank you for popping by and I hope you are having a great day too!

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