My life is now taking off…

October 20, 2011

Since reading the book Get the Life you Want (GTLYW) by Noel Walker and working with my life coach (Helen Jeffery) and Noel himself, my life is taking off in all directions.  Things I never thought would be possible are coming together.  I believe that this is all because of the explanations given in the book, the encouragement I have received, following my passion, taking chances where I would never have dreamed of before, treating others how I would like to be treated and trying to only think about what I want (exactly how it was laid out in the book). 

I have to say, knowing the explanations and reasons why things happen, or don’t (as the case may be) does generate confidence and encourages you to see things in a new light; it really does make sense. Life is both exciting and scary at times, but it’s also becoming fun.

Before all this happened, I just couldn’t seem to break through my routine to get more of what I wanted; however, now my life has more purpose and direction.  My suggestion to you is if you want more out of life then try it, read the book – I know there is a smaller pocket guide (which can be purchased via OpenLeaf shop) that’s just been released, try it.  It really could be a case of ‘A blog caught my eye…’!

It would be quite something for me to know that my post about my experiences has now gone on to make a difference to the lives of others too!

If you know others who would enjoy my posting – and are looking for answers as to how to get so much more out of life then please let them know!

Going forward…  next instalment tomorrow - until then hope you are having a great day too!


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